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4 Days
Discovering Tokyo’s Secret Islands

Itinerary Summary

    Did you know that Tokyo is one of a few megacities in the world that has its very own active volcanos and a desert? Tokyo features a total of 11 islands that stretch up to 1,000km away from Tokyo’s centre. With this tour, you will visit 4 of those islands to see a very different face of Japan’s capital.

    Day 1 – Ferry from Tokyo to Kozushima 

    After a free day at your leisure in Tokyo, meet our English-speaking guide/driver who will take you to the Ferry terminal by private car. From the terminal, you will take an over-night boat bound for Kozushima.

    Kozushima is an island with great nature, remarkably deep blue sea, and snow-white mountains. The island condenses the best aspects of Japan: mountain, sea, hot springs (onsen), seafood and much more.

    After arrival on the island, visit Mt Tenjo, a very particular mountain, despite its height of only 572meters, its vegetation is similar to what you would see on higher mountains (2,000 meters and above). Mt Tenjo also has a heart-shaped pond. The view from the top was recently ranked as “New Tokyo’s 100 Best Views.”

    Next, visit Akazaki Yuhodo: a thrilling 500-meter wooden walking trail built along the coast on the northwestern part of the island. Along the way, you will find a diving board where you can jump into the sea, as swimming and snorkelling are allowed in the area.

    Relax at Kozushima Onsen Hoyo Center. Kozushima Onsen is one of the largest onsens in Japan in terms of volume of hot spring water. From Tenbo-buro (“bath offering a good view”) facing the Pacific Ocean, you can enjoy soaking in a bath while seeing the sunset and starry sky.

    Night on Kozushima Island

    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, Private Guide, Transportation and Fees.

    Day 2 – Nii-jima Island

    In the morning, take the ferry from Kozushima Island to Nii-jima. Long sandy beaches, towering white cliffs and plenty of waves, Nii-jima is a scenic paradise where you can swim, surf, sunbathe, cycle or admire the local art – Nii-jima is an island with plenty of options.

    Nii-jima is known for its glassworks and intriguing Moyai carvings. The sculptures carved from a special kind of local stone are scattered across the island. Head to the Glass Art Centre and learn how the island glass works are produced. You can also try your hand at glass blowing.

    Like most of the volcanic Tokyo islands, Nii-jima also has hot springs. The most noticeable of them is the Yunohama open-air bath, perched on a cliff top overlooking the port. In the Edo period, these islands were a penal colony, and many people were sent to Nii-jima Island for religious or political reasons.

    On the island, you can find a cemetery of those who died during their banishment to this island. The cemetery has 118 graves and many of them have such unique shapes like a sake barrel, dice, etc., they are thought to be the objects that the deceased liked and made by their mates as a commemoration. The cemetery is maintained by local people.

    Night on Nii-jima

    Inclusions: Accommodation and Breakfast.

    Day 3 – Oshima Island

    Checkout from your accommodation, and take another quick ferry ride and arrive at your new destination: Oshima Island.

    Oshima is the largest of Tokyo’s 11 Islands. It is also the home of Tokyo’s only active volcano. Mt. Mihara, occupying a large central section of the island, is responsible for many of Oshima’s hot springs and its jagged landscape. Oshima landscape is out of this world, and a dream and an adventure playground for hikers and outdoor lovers.

    Oshima is also home to Japan’s only desert: Ura-Sabaku. Japan’s famous black desert covers the side of Mt. Mihara, and is reported to resemble the landscape you might find on the moon. At the northern end of the island, you can explore the Oshima Camellia Garden and Squirrel Village, where you can meet and feed a community of friendly squirrels.

    Night on Oshima

    Inclusions: Accommodation and Breakfast

    Day 4 – Return to Tokyo

    In the morning, say goodbye to the island and take the ferry back to Tokyo.
    End of our service at Tokyo ferry terminal or we can extend the tour to another part of Japan.

    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, Transportation.

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