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4 Days
Escape to the Oki Islands

Itinerary Summary

    Day 1 – Arrival on Dogo Island

    After a short flight from Osaka or Tokyo airport, you will arrive on the main island Dogo. Pick-up your rental car and start your journey with lunch around the port area.

    One of your first stops should be the Tamawakasu Shrine and the Yao Sugi tree. 

    The thatched-roofed structure is Oki’s oldest shrine building and has been constructed in a unique Oki architectural style, thus earning the designation as a National Important Cultural Property. Within the temple precincts you will see the Yao Sugi tree, a 30-meter tall cedar believed to be more than 2,000 years old.

    Not far from Tamawakasu Shrine, you will find the Dangyo Waterfall. Dangyo is considered one of Japan’s 100 most famous waterfalls and  is in fact composed of two waterfalls that flow down from both sides of the Dangyo shrine.

    While on Dogo Island, don’t miss Cape Nagusaki. The deck on top of the cliff offers great views over the dozen islands in the distance. Follow the narrow walking path to the lighthouse below and enjoy the scenery. 

    Located at the northernmost point of Dōgo Island, Shirashima Coast is a popular sightseeing spot. The contrasting colours of the blue sea, white cliffs and green pine trees make for a very picturesque landscape.

    If you have time, a trip to Candle island at Sunset is a must. This rock is a sea stack that uncannily resembles a candle and it looks like a burning candle when the setting sun rests on its peak. Among all the candle-like rocks around the country, this amazing scenery created by nature is extremely rare.

    Night: on Dogo Island near Saigo port
    Inclusions: Breakfast, Private Guide, Transportation and Fees.

    Day 2 – Island Hopping to Chiburijima and Nakanoshima

    From Saigo port take the quick ferry boat to Chiburijima. Arriving on the island and hop on a Sightseeing taxi, and head to Mt. Akahage and SekiHeki Cliff. Mt. Akahage is the highest point on Chiburijima Island, and the lookout at the peak of the mountain offers a stunning 360-degree view of the Dōzen Caldera.

    On the way, keep an eye out for the island’s cows and horses, who may even wander onto the roads. Sekiheki offers a one-of-a-kind view of earthy red hues created by lava on the rugged cliffs’ surfaces. The colours contrast beautifully against the vivid blue sea and green grass.

    Return to Kurii port and take the ferry to the next island: Nakanoshima.

    Arrive on Nakanoshima and check-in to your accommodation

    Night in Nakanoshima
    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, Private Guide, Transportation and Fees.

    Day 3 – Explore Nakanoshima and Nishinoshima

    From Nakaoshima, take the ferry and arrive at Nishinoshima port. Pick-up your rental car or bike and explore the island.

    The Kuniga Coast trail goes through a couple of famous landmarks, such as the Tsutenkyo Arch and Matengai Cliff, one of the tallest sea cliffs in Japan.

    Finally, meet with the caretaker of the Takuhi shrine and learn about the history of the oldest shrine on the Oki Islands. The shrine’s Honden (god’s sanctuary) building was built into the mountain rock and is  dedicated to the god who protects seamen and used to function as a lighthouse for ships travelling to Oki.

    Return to the port and take the ferry back to Nakanoshima.

    Night in Nakanoshima
    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, Private Guide, Transportation and Fees.

    Day 4 – Departure

    Checkout from your accommodation and head to the port. Take the morning ferry back to Dogo Island and Oki airport. Finally, take your flight back to Osaka or Tokyo for the rest of your adventure.

    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, Private Guide, Transportation and Fees.

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