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7 Days
Exploring in Miyakojima

Itinerary Summary

    Miyakojima, a part of Okinawa Prefecture, is a group of paradise islands located far south of mainland Japan. It is just a few hundred kilometers off the coast of Taiwan. The island group consists of the following islands, Miyako, Kurima, Irabu, Shimoji and Ikema. Miyakojima is famous for the pristine beaches, superb snorkeling and abundance of sea turtles.

    Day 1 – Flight from Tokyo or Osaka to Miyakojima

    From either Tokyo or Osaka, jump on a domestic flight to Miyakojima. Arrive on the island and transfer to your accommodation. After check-in, enjoy the first sights of the island.

    Higashi-Hennazaki is a narrow, 2km long cape which extends out of the eastern side of Miyako Island (Okinawa). The cape has the Pacific Ocean on one side, and the East China Sea on the other. At the tip of the peninsula stands Hennazaki Lighthouse, which stands 20 meters above the sea. The top of the lighthouse is great for watching sunrises.

    Next, visit the Taragawa Awamori Brewery and experience the production of authentic Awamori, an Okinawa type of Sake. 

    Finally return to your accommodation for the night. 

    Night in Miyakojima
    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, Private Guide, Transportation and Fees.

    Day 2 – Day trip to Kurima Island

    Kurima Island is a popular side trip due to its pristine, white sand beaches and clear blue waters that are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. From January to March, the island is a popular destination for whale watching.

    Before leaving the main island for Kurima, we suggest that you stop by The Maehamanoson Beach. This beach is rarely mentioned in any guide book, although it is one of the most beautiful beaches on Miyako. The beach is a unique combination of sandy beach, rocky features, green vegetation, and clear waters. You will also have a good chance to view sea turtles in their natural habitat.

    After this refreshing stop, head to Kurima Bridge and cross to the other island. The Kurima Bridge is located close to Yonaha Maehama Beach. With a length of 1,690 meters, Kurima Bridge connects the islands in a straight line, knifing through the brilliant blue waters surrounding them.

    Next, head to the observatory for an impressive panoramic view of the Kurima Bridge and the surrounding waters below. It is also possible to see the entire island from this point, making it the first sightseeing location you would want to visit when you set foot on Kurima Island.

    Finish at Nagahama beach. This is probably one of the most overlooked beaches in the Miyako Islands. Nagamahama Beach is known for its spectacular sunset view.

    Night in Miyakojima
    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, rental car.

    Day 3 – Day trip to Irabu Island

    Irabu Island is the second-largest island among the islands that make up the Miyako archipelago. Joined to the main island by a long bridge, the main village of Sarahama really gives a European fishermen’s village vibe.

    Before crossing the bridge, stop at the parking lot on the Miyako side to enjoy the magnificent view.

    The observatory, which is shaped like a bird, overlooks Miyakojima and is the only place where you can see the Irabu, Kurima and Ikema bridges at the same time.

    Not far from the Bridge, you will find the Toriike Pond. There appear to be two separate ponds, but in fact, they are connected underground. There is also an underwater cave associated with the pond, which has made it a highly regarded diving spot.

    Finish at Nakanoshima beach, is an amazing snorkeling location. While the beach is not ideal for sunbathing, it does have an incredible coral and fish life.

    Night in Lake Towada
    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, Private Guide, Transportation and Fees.

    Day 4 – Ikema Island trip

    Ikema is a must-visit area for nature lovers. The entire island is a designated wildlife refuge, and the Ikema wetland is home to a large number of birds. Off the coast is the Yabiji coral reef – the largest of its kind in Okinawa.

    Ikema-shitsugen is the largest wetland in Okinawa and ideal for nature lovers. The wetland hosts a large number of migrating birds, making it an ideal spot for birdwatching. This is one of the reasons why Ikema Wetland, and the entire island of Ikema, has been designated as a wildlife refuge.

    Yabiji Coral Reef is the largest group of corals in Japan. It is a unique coral reef, consisting of more than 100 separate reefs. Yabiji is one of Miyako’s main attractions for snorkelers and divers

    On Ikema island’s western side, by Ikizu beach, is a rock formation with a hole shaped like a nearly perfect heart. The “heart rock” as it is called, has become quite an attraction – especially for lovers.

    Finish at Funakusu Beach. This beautiful beach on Ikema island is a great snorkeling spot, and isn’t overrun by tourists. It makes for a great stop along the way when you explore Ikema, so bring your bathing suit and snorkeling gear.

    Night in Miyakojima
    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, rental car.

    Day 5 – Resting day on Miyakojima main Island

    Today, you will stay on the main island and visit the main sights such as:

    The Miyakojima Aquarium. Even if you don’t normally like aquariums, this place might still be something for you because of the different approach to showing marine life. Twenty-four large windows are placed in an under-water bunker out in the sea, so you can enjoy the real, untouched marine life.

    Another interesting sight will be the Yukishio Salt Factory. The Factory is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records for producing “salt that contains the most mineral element varieties.” You will get a chance to see how they extract the salt from the Ryukyu limestone where it was deposited over 50,000 years ago.

    Don’t forget to try their “salt ice-cream” available at the factory shop.

    Finish the day at Sunayama Beach. This beautiful white beach, with its crystal blue water, takes its name from the sand dune “mountain” found here. There is a fascinating “gate cliff” on the beach, which gives it a unique look.

    Night in Miyakojima
    Inclusions: Breakfast, rental car.

    Day 6 – Miyakojima Main Island

    Again today, you will spend the day on the main island at your leisure. Miyakojima still has a lot to offer.

    Founded in 1967, on a site which was formerly covered by an endemic species of pines, the Botanical garden is free to visit. Located east of Hirara city, Miyakojima, the garden, which covers 120,000m², is dedicated to tropical plants. Inside the botanical garden, you will find the Miyakojima traditional crafts village, a collection of workshops that keep ancient Miyako crafts alive.

    Utopia Farm is a fruit and flower farm which is open for tourists. It is possible to walk through parts of the greenhouses and enjoy the many types of hibiscus flowers and fruit trees.

    Located near Hirara city, the Yamato-ga Historic well is believed to have been excavated in 1720 and serves as an example of the high level of stone cutting skills of the Ryukyu kingdom of that era. The natural spring at the base was supposedly used exclusively by royals and government officials.

    Night in Miyakojima
    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, rental car.

    Day 7 – Departure

    Unfortunately, today marks the final day of your Okinawa vacation.

    Meet our English-speaking Guide and driver at your accommodation and transfer to Miyakojima airport from which you will take a domestic flight and return to either Tokyo or Osaka.

    Inclusions: Accommodation, Breakfast, Private Guide, Transportation and Fees.

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