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Become a Feudal Lord of Japan and Stay at a National treasure property

Itinerary Summary

    Day 1 – Arrival at Ozu station, exploration of the Castle town and Feudal Lord Experience

    Situated in the west part of Ehime prefecture. The history of the town started in the 14 centuries as a castle was built on a hill looking above the river, and for 3 centuries, the small town developed into a castle town. Spared from the WW1 and WW2 bombing, the town retains to this day its atmosphere and is often referred to as “the little Kyoto of Iyo”.

    The Castle went through extensive renovation and was rebuilt entirely using traditional methods and timber. After meeting your private guide at Ozu station, start this fantastic day with a visit to the city center which retains an atmosphere reminiscent of bygone decades, with nostalgic stone-paved alleys and old-fashioned houses of both Edo and Meiji Period architecture.

    For Lunch, the restaurant will welcome you at its unique location. It serves a Fusion cuisine made from local ingredients served in local “Tobe ware” made from the soil of the area.

    Next, you will head to the castle for the main event of the day. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by the sounds of trumpets marking the beginning of the welcome ceremony. You will get dressed in your Kimono (or armor for the men) and witness a full reenactment of a visiting lord arriving on horseback riding up the entryway as gunners fire shots into the air to announce the official arrival.

    After the reenactment ceremony, enjoy a full guided tour of the castle and a Shime Kagura dance performance (Intangible Cultural Property).
    Savour a chef-created multi-course meal featuring local seafood, meats, and vegetables prepared using French techniques.

    As part of the experience, take part in the bathing ritual at the Castle Spa before retiring to your Japanese room at the center of the castle tower.

    Night: In Ozu Castle ( a Japanese National treasure)
    Inclusions: Accommodation, lunch, Dinner, Private Guide, Private Car and fees.

    Day 2 – Breakfast of Kings at an Imperial Villa

    In the morning, you will be taken by a traditional boat to the Garyu Sanso Villa, a National Important Cultural Property located in a scenic view point alongside the Hiji River. The entire villa will be privatized for your family this morning. Each room has interesting features, such as intricately carved transoms, elegantly made lattices, unevenly sized tatami mats, tastefully decorated door handles, aesthetically pleasing alcoves and coffered ceilings.

    After breakfast, your private guide will escort you back to Ozu station, and head to your next adventures in Japan.

    Inclusions: Breakfast, Private Guide and Private Car and Fees.

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