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A mystical exploration of Japan’s Dolls and puppets

Itinerary Summary

    Day 1 – Meet a master doll maker and dive into the world of Kyoto’s Kimono fabrics

    Japan is known worldwide for the quality of its arts and Shokunin ( craftsmen). Embark in This exceptional journey and explore Japanese dolls and puppets mastery.

    On the last day of Golden Week, many Japanese families celebrate a national holiday called Kodomo no Hi, or Children’s Day, decorating their houses with colorful carps and dolls. Doll making in its current form began in the Edo period and continues today as a highly sophisticated art practiced only by a select few master craftsmen.

    Join one of the most revered of them in his atelier for a workshop.
    His craft is well-known worldwide and particularly in Belgium where a set of his Hina dolls were officially presented as a gift to the royal family. Make your own doll which will be then reviewed and corrected by Ando Master himself before shipment to your accommodation.

    After this magical encounter, your private car will take you to Nishijin District. Here, hiding away in a small street you will reach your lunch destination: Nishijin Fujiyoshi, a one star Japanese restaurant.
    This small restaurant can serve only 10 guests at the time, and offer high quality Kaiseki course meals.

    Next, visit the Nishijin district which has been known for centuries as Kyoto’s Textile district and the source of many of its spectacular kimono and other woven silk products.
    There, in a quiet street, you will visit an atelier where Obi and Kimono are still made by hand on wooden looms. The masters weavers will demonstrate their techniques that haven’t changed for centuries.

    In the end of the afternoon, arrive at your accommodation, the Osaka Marriott Miyako hotel. Located on the upper floor of Abeno Harukas, the highest skyscraper complex in Japan, 300 meters above the ground. All rooms are located on the 38th floor or above and have a superb view that overlooks Osaka city.

    Night in Marriott Osaka Miyako Hotel
    Inclusions: Accommodations, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Private Guide, Private Car and Fees.

    Day 2 – Osaka, immersion in the world of Bunraku

    In the morning, you will start your exploration of Bunraku with a visit to Osaka’s National Bunraku theater in the heart of the city.
    After a visit to the theater itself, you will watch a play and if available at time of booking, go behind the scene where it is possible to see the puppets up close and also learn about the different movement techniques from the puppet master himself.

    Bunraku is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theatre characterized by almost life-sized puppets accompanied by narrative chanting and shamisen music. It started off as popular entertainment for the commoners during the Edo Period in Osaka and evolved into artistic theater during the late 17th century. Along with Noh and kabuki, it is recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

    3 persons are necessary to operate one doll. They are each specialized in their role. And it takes 10 years to master each position. The Master puppeteer “Omozukai” must train at least 30 years before wearing the title.

    Osaka is renowned for the quality of its cuisine. One of the most famous dishes of the city is Kushiage, a type of fried skewers. Although it is a simple dish, the Michelin one -star Chef at Rokkakutei Kuromon Hontei, brings the dish to the next level and serves only the best product of the day.

    After lunch, you will visit the atelier of a Bunraku puppet head maker. You will be able to see and touch some of his creations,  and learn how the dolls are operated (Face, eyes, lips, etc).

    After you’ve learned all the mysteries of Bunraku doll making, you will participate in a workshop and with the help of the artisan, paint or carve a doll head.

    After the experience, transfer to your destination according to your tour by Private Car.

    Inclusions: Accommodations, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Private Guide, Private Car and Fees.

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